The affairs of each branch are conducted by a branch committee elected triennially. They hold monthly meetings, organize social outings, information seminars and Christmas Functions for retired members in area.

A Central Committee of fifteen elected representatives and a General Secretary, oversee the running of the association.

Its main focus and objectives are:

Focus and Objectives

  1. To make representation to improve the economic status of members.
  2. To affiliate with kindred retired associations and national federations for the purpose of lobbying governments and its agencies in order to advance the causes of the retired community in general.
  3. To voice the views of the members in all matters affecting pensions and Garda Superannuation Schemes.
  4. To disseminate information concerning the operation of the GSRMA amongst its members at all times thereby providing an equitable and transparent means of consultation and representation.
  5. To disseminate the views of members, to lobby on their behalf and to promote their aims.
  6. To liaise with Garda Staff Associations and other Police Associations both serving and retired in a spirit of fraternal co-operation.
  7. To represent members on the boards of St. Paul’s Garda Medical Society and the Garda Benevolent Trust Fund and other bodies or groups in which its members may have an interest.
  8. To liaise with any other Association and Societies as the GSRMA Central Committee deem desirable in order to advance the interests of the membership.
  9. To promote welfare of the members and to represent them on the committees established for that purpose..
  10. To promote and develop good relations between the GSRMA and the media.
  11. To negotiate group schemes to meet the requirements of the members.
  12. To develop a spirit of friendship and camaraderie at branch, regional and national level.
  13. To promote the members work prospects by way of vocational training and a job liaison service.
  14. To pursue changes in legislation for the benefit of its members in or towards achieving any or all of these objectives.
  15. To enhance the organizational strength and national image of the association by means of a magazine, handouts, recruitment drives, establishment of branches and a veteran’s society dimension.