The Alliance of Retired Public Servants whose membership consists of constituent pension organisations (representing some 140,000 public service pensioners and their families) has received a small restoration to their modest pensions with the start of the government pension restoration as set out in Part III of the FEMPI Act, 2015. Whilst this small restoration is welcomed by the most vulnerable members of our organisation it is considered to be too little and too slow. As the saying goes time stands still for no man and our members do not have the luxury of time to await the abysmal slow rate of the restoration of their contractual and earned pension rights.

We welcome start of the gradual restoration of pensions over 2016, 2017 and 2018 that effects about 65,000 of our members however we feel that that progress by the Minister for Public and Expenditure and Reform and the Government should be expedited and that the membership of the Alliance should have their lawful rights re-instated as a matter of urgency and most certainly faster than the three years that has been set out.

Minister Noonan has stated that the economy is growing and the Irish economy is the fastest growing one in Europe and yet his Government continues to use the fig leaf of Emergency Legislation to hold on to our lawfully earned legal rights.

Read  Press Statement from Alliance 19 February 2016