The Garda Pensions Payroll Section, Killarney, has issued the following “Information Note” for the GSRMA.  All retired members, will shortly receive a copy of the notification in the post.


“As part of the Government’s Reform Agenda the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform (DPER) has established a Payroll Shared Services Centre (PSSC) for delivery of payroll services to the civil service and those public service organisations currently availing of payroll services from the civil service providers.

The PSSC was established in 2013 and currently processes pay and expenses for approximately 80,000 payees. PSSC operates from locations in Galway, Tullamore and Killarney. The PSSC was established to deliver greater efficiency in payroll service delivery, increased focus on ensuring high quality customer service, more effective service to managers and employees, and wider availability of all CorePay functionality to all payees.

The Garda Pensions payroll is scheduled to transition from Financial Shared Services Centre (Department of Justice, Killarney) to the PSSC in March 2016 with the first payments being made to payees in April 2016. This transition is expected to have a minimal impact on payees and there will be no change to the amount of pension paid to payees or the frequency of payments (i.e. once monthly). Payees will continue to receive a paper payslip each month but will now have the option to switch to an online payslip should they wish to do so. Payees will have new contact details for pension payment queries.

The PSSC project team has engaged with Financial Shared Services Centre and An Garda Síochána regarding the transition arrangements and the roll-out of information to all payees. All payees will receive communications from the PSSC project team regarding the transition to the PSSC, including revised contact information and details of how to access their online payslip should they opt to do so. There is no requirement for payees to do anything at this stage”.