This is a letter from todays Irish Times (14th. August 2017) , while not a GSRMA member the sentiments expressed in it are.

Sir, – So Siptu is accepting a new wage deal for public workers (Home News, August 10th). Hallelujah!

But what about the pensions of the forgotten thousands of retired members? We have sat back and taken our cut of up to 30 per cent for too long with no mention of when normality might be reinstated. It should be emphasised that these moneys are ours (that we worked and saved for) and not a hand-out.

Because of our advanced age-group, many pensioners will have died since the cuts began, thus saving an additional amount for the Government. If we have to wait much longer there will be a total saving!

In addition, like many others, latterly I purchased an additional nine years for my pension fund and have not had sight nor sound of this huge amount of money. Where is it gone and when are we going to see it back?

It appears neither the unions nor anyone else is interested in speaking for us.

Waiting for a ballot-box response is too distant and we may be all dead anyway!

It is now time we took to the streets again. – Yours, etc,


Kells, Co Meath.