The Management Committee of St Pail’s GMA are acutely aware of the worries and concerns of members and their families as regards the potential impact of this dreadful virus. The Society has developed a contingency plan to ensure in so far as it is possible the continued delivery of a customer service and payment of your medical claims.

As the Society is not considered an “essential service” as directed by Government, staff will not have access to the office and to claims submitted by post. To circumvent this obstacle and for the duration of this crisis, scan your claim form and the original paid receipts to and they will be processed. It is MOST important that only one claim per month is submitted. Please retain the claim and original receipts for submitting to us when this crisis ends.

If you don’t have access to scanning facilities, please hold onto your claim and submit it to the Society when this emergency has concluded and our offices are reopened. It is most important not to post in claims as they may be lost in the post or otherwise.

The Society plans to maintain an email and phone service throughout this period.

Ideally you are asked to submit queries by email to in the first instance.

In the case of very urgent queries only, please ring 01-8991604.

The Society’s website has extensive information available particularly in the “Common Questions” section which may assist you.

The Management Committee has decided to DEFER the Annual General Meeting planned for Westport in the latter part of April.

The Society will do everything possible to assist our members and their families through this difficult period and wish you all good health and keep safe and look after each other.

NB. (1). Common Questions (FAQ) Click the link below
Medical Aid FAQ
(2). General Query –
(3). Urgent Queries only – Phone 01-8991604
(4). Scanned Claims Submission –

GSRMA General Secretary’s Comment:
The election of a new Management Committee is ongoing and ballot papers must be returned by 5.00pm on 9th April 2020 – Ballot Papers are with you and the GSRMA have Candidates in all constituencies and are seeking to represent you – Vote GSRMA.