Signing-On for CREDITS.

Many of our GSRMA who attended Retirement Courses were reminded of the need to “Sign-On for Credits” at the local Social Welfare Office following retirement from work. If you retired from work on the date of your retirement from the Garda Siochana, did you call next day to the Welfare Office and Sign-On for Credits ?

Perhaps, you did not “Sign-On” because you immediately got further employment for a few years and are now retired from work. Did you then call to the Local Social Welfare Office and Sign-On For Credits ? (This would not apply if you were signing for Job-Seekers Benefit).

If the answer in both above cases is NO, you may be interested to read that within a two year period of “Retiring from Work” late applications can be made to Sign-On for Credits, by calling to the Social Welfare Office, Information Section, to complete application forms. Otherwise, if you leave it to go over the two year period, you may have to work for 26 weeks to get appropriate contributions to qualify for “Sign-On”. Its always recommended to “Sign-On for Credits” on DAY ONE after retirement from work. The Social Welfare Office generally give you a date, six months later to sign-on again and this may be extended so that you only have to call one day per year.

What are the advantages  ?
The modified contributions (Classes B +C) which we paid in the Garda Service, will provided you continue to work or Sign-On for Credits, qualify you for limited Social Welfare — Benefits such as:

Widow / Widowers Contributory Pension (Current rates = €193.50 under 66 and €230.30 over 66 yrs.)
Carers Benefit
Occupational Injuries Benefit
Some Basic Health Cover.

Further information in relation to the above can be obtained by:

Call into the Information Section, Social Welfare Office
Log-On here:
Read Social Welfare Booklet SW25


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  1. patrick joseph mc June 3, 2015 at 9:34 pm #

    Very good advice. It essential for ones dependants. Neglect to heed this advice cannot be undone. If a person is lucky and get employment for a few years one may get a pro rata social welfare pension of a few euro as well. Just remember ignoring this advice is not an option, for any public servant.

  2. patrick joseph mc July 11, 2016 at 2:35 pm #

    Members retiring would do well to study the ARTICLE IN THE MEMBERS SECTION of what to do when a person passes on. The action taken in the weeks prior to and following retirement governs everything as regards one’s nearest and dearest especially in regard to credit unions credit balances and ensuring they get their maximum lawful entitlements

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