Press Release by Alliance of Retired Public Servants

For release: Wednesday, 17 May 201


The Alliance of Retired Public Servants (ARPS) has today welcomed the intention signalled by Government to engage in a talk’s process over pension restoration for the country’s 140,000 retired public servants.

Alliance Chairperson, Brian Burke, said: “Yesterday, Minister Paschal Donohoe publicly indicated that it is the Government’s intention to enter into a talk’s process with representatives of public sector pensioners over pension restoration and we very much welcome this.”

Mr Burke explained that his organisation’s primary focus will be to discuss bringing forward the completion date for the restoration of pensions from the current projected date of 2021.

“The Programme for Partnership Government commits the current administration to fully restore pensions for retired public servants by 2021 and the Alliance is looking to bring this timeline forward. On average about 4,000 retired public servants die each year so if the current completion date of 2021 for full restoration is stuck with, then over 40,000 people will have died by that time on reduced pensions – pensions that they contributed to during their working lives. This is why, we think it’s only fair that the Government should bring forward the date from 2021.”

Brian Burke concluded by saying that the Alliance also wants to see the issue of those on low pensions tackled by the Government.

“It’s really important that the Government addresses the position of pensioners on low pensions – those on €12,000 or less which equates to a weekly payment of just over €230 per week – who did not have their pensions cut, but who haven’t had an increase since 2007. Over the 10-year period since 2007, prices – particularly the costs of healthcare, energy and heating which are important items for older people – have risen placing an undue strain on very modest incomes. In this context, the Alliance will be asking that the Government agrees to increasing those pension.”


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  1. timothy May 19, 2017 at 4:11 pm #

    This is a very welcome development which hopefully will reach fruition.
    I know of elderly people that due to necessity provide financial support to their children. This puts a strain on them.

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