To: All Members of the GSRMA

GSRMA House have received a message telling us that we won in an Android Competition – we didn’t enter the competition!

The worrying point of receiving this message is that the email emanated from one of our members whose account has been obviously hacked and it asks us to click on a link to a different email address to get our prize – DO NOT CLICK ANY LINK.

The Scammers and the Schemers are out there especially at this worrying time for us all.

Our advice is:

  1. Do not open or click any link in an email message that you are not expecting nor trust.

  2. If you are told you won a prize in a competition or someone wants to give you money – ask yourself a question – Did I enter this Competition and/or why do they want to give me money?

  3. If you didn’t enter the competition – DELETE immediately and REPORT as SPAM/PHISHING to your Internet Service Provider – Hotmail, Gmail etc…

Keep Safe, Keep Well and Keep in Touch with your members.

Mick Lernihan
General Secretary
6th Oct 2020