From todays Irish Independent by Christy Galligan

What we saw last week in Belfast and Derry is a result of the vacuum created by the two major parties with no Stormont assembly. They must take responsibility for leaving their communities vulnerable to sectarian attacks by thugs who pretend to care.

The recent spate of attacks on police, people and property from this disparate group of thugs, using children to shield them, is a disgrace and those who support them are no better.

These dissidents offer nothing but fear to their own communities and use it to ensure that the ordinary man, woman and child cows down to them.

These same thugs are involved in widespread criminality and show their hypocrisy by meting out punishment beatings if others involved in the same criminality do not pay their dues.

It is time to get tough with these thugs and show them that the forces of law and order will not be beaten into submission.

The people of Northern Ireland deserve better and with no leadership or guidance, the door is open to these thugs to take advantage and create a society of fear.

Sinn Féin’s hypocrisy is breathtaking, as it and its IRA kin were masters of serious civil disobedience and disruption.

Christy Galligan Letterkenny, Co Donegal

Donegal North Branch Member