Next Garda boss must be Irish

All this talk of an international head-hunt for a new Garda commissioner seems to equate it to getting Jack Charlton or Giovanni Trapattoni to manage a struggling Irish soccer team.

The candidate would occupy a sensitive and key role in our State’s security apparatus, in a world where our interests might not coincide with those of whatever state produced the new commissioner.

Shouldn’t that person be a citizen of our State? Assuming one has to trawl outside the ranks of gardaí, is our country so bereft of talent that leaders of honour and integrity cannot be found in the Army or civil service? If it is so bereft, should we advertise that to the world?

Pádraig Lenihan Dangan Upper, Galway (Irish Times Friday 15th)

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  1. noel September 20, 2017 at 5:00 pm #

    Without a shadow of doubt the next Commissioner of An Garda Siochana must come from within this State – preferably from within the force. I believe that it is not possible for some one from outside the State to take up this role. It is important to remember that it takes an Irishman to understand the ways and culture of Irish people. The Government appointing some one from outside this State is definitely not on. How could such a person understand the ways of Irish people – all their time would be taken up checking with the ranks under them for guidance. Is our Government seriously considering paying such a person 300,000E salary. The mind boggles.

    Noel Hynes – GSRMA, Naas.

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