The NFPA to which GSRMA are fully affiliated, have stated that a public protest on behalf of pensioners will be held at Government Buildings Dublin on Tuesday 1st October 2019 1pm to 2pm.
NFPA represent eighteen(18) affiliated retiree groups, numbering c.28,000.
This initiative is fully supported by the Alliance of Retired Public Servants in respect of which GSRMA currently holds the Vice-Presidency.
The Alliance represent c. 140,000 retirees.
GSRMA are fully supportive of this proposed protest, and earnestly request as many of its membership to voluntarily attend, and support it.
Assembly is scheduled for 12.30pm on 1st October 2019 at Molesworth Street.D2.
At this stage considerable effort has been/will be put into eliciting support, publicising , and promoting the event .
Michael Taft (Economist) has been approached ,and agreed to address the protest, Joe Lacumbre (another economist) and Kieran Mulvey have also been approached to speak at the event.
A team are currently working to bring this initiative to a successful conclusion.

I am circulating this event to each of our GSRMA Branches. I wish to take this opportunity to earnestly request each and every one of you in GSRMA to support, and attend the protest.
This is an excellent platform for solidarity with our fellow retirees, and an opportunity through a good attendance to leave Government in no doubt that that enough swingeing cuts have been borne by our members .
Let’s make the most of our protest opportunity in a united front.

The message from us is : Enough is Enough. Time for redress!.

Matt Givens
President GSRMA