The Garda Síochána Retired Members Association (GSRMA) published a three year  Strategic Plan last Autumn.  It was prepared around the time the GSRMA were taken a giant-step in opening a New Office Head Quarters for its  5,700 Membership. The plan  was aimed to address the many challenges facing the organisation.

The work outlined in the plan has already begun across the five strategic goals namely;

•    To Build a strong organisational structure to develop the work of the GSRMA.

•   To  Continue to campaign against austerity measures.

•    To Develop a Communication strategy which will strengthen all aspects of communication across the organisation.

•    To  encourage all members to engage socially national & local level and to provide support information services on matters of personal finance, legal, taxation & work opportunities

•    To maintain GSRMA in a healthy financial position.

The main points of the plan can be read here  GSRMA STRATEGIC PLAN 2013 – 16 (Main Points)