A member requested that we confirm, when did members of An Garda Siochana get the right to vote in General Elections ?.  It’s not easy to come-up with all the answers but with your assistance, we may get the full story.  In a search to answer the query, the Cork Examiner, for Wednesday, 29th April 1959, gives us a fair indication:

At Question-Time in the Dail yesterday, Mr. Blaney, Minister for Local Government, told Mr. C.J. Haughty (F.F.), that the Government had decided to provide legislation for the revocation of the statutory prohibition which precluded members of the Garda Siochana from being registered or voting at Dail elections and, consequently, from voting at Presidential elections and at Referenda.  It was intended that the necessary provision would be included in the forthcoming legislation to amend the Electoral Laws”.

Electoral Act 1960

A glance of the Electoral Act 1960, show provision was made for a Postal Vote for members of (i) An Garda Siochana and (ii) Permanent Defence Forces.  Sections 6; 8 and 12 refers.

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