Garda Memorial Day 2017

The Garda Memorial Day is of significant importance to the families of those 88 members who are remembered in a special way on a day dedicated to their memory. It is also of great importance to all Gardaí, serving and retired.

The fine words of Archdeacon David Pierpoint, in his address to those gathered together at this memorial ceremony on Saturday 20th May will be long remembered, not only for their eloquence, but for their hugely meaningful and heartfelt sentiments, delivered with great feeling and obvious sincerity. It was also very gratifying to hear Fr. Joe Kennedy allude to the sacrifices made by our colleagues lost in the line of duty and the dedication given to the Garda service by those involved in policing in Ireland and abroad. Both celebrants paid tribute to our deceased colleagues, mentioning also the members of the RUC and PSNI killed in the line of duty and praised the recent work of the US Border Patrol in the arrest of a suspect in the murder of Garda Adrian Donohoe. (fatal shooting)

Ann McCabe, wife of the late Detective Garda Gerry McCabe read from Scripture and it was gratifying for those of us affiliated to the Garda Síochána Retired Members’ Association to see our General Secretary, Paschal Feeney and Vice President Pat Lehane also participate in the readings of Scripture at the ceremony, before our Association President, Matt Cosgrave laid a Wreath in memory of our deceased colleagues and friends, at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Acting Commissioner Dónall O’Cualáin, (representing the Garda Commissioner who was on Annual Leave), addressed those in attendance and as part of his address praised the standing and work of those members who were being commemorated and spoke of the sacrifices made by them and the feelings of loss endured by the families of our fallen colleagues and by the Garda service.

The passing rain showers replicated for many the sea of tears that were shed by spouse, partner, families, friends and colleagues of all those members whose names appear on the Garda Roll of Honour, the difference being that the showers didn’t last very long. The sun shone intermittently amplifying the warmth that exists between Garda colleagues, serving and retired and the wider Garda family, a warmth which shows itself in a particular way on occasions such as this.

Joe Lynch – GSRMA Donegal Branch and Central Committee Member

Dotun Adegbesan (Chairman Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Ireland), with GSRMA President matt Cosgrave and General Secretary Paschal Feeney

GSRMA Donegal North members

Dotun Adegbesan (Chairman Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Ireland), with Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan and others.

Group with An Tainste, Mrs Joan Fogarty & her daughter Grainne, either side of Tainste.

GSRMA Wexford Branch members

GSRMA Members & US Boarder Guards

GSRMA Naas Branch Members

C/Supt. Kevin Gralton with Wexford members

Wexford branch chairman (Dan Redmond) with former Asst. Commissioner Martin Donnellan

3 Responses to Garda Memorial Day 2017

  1. timothy May 27, 2017 at 5:10 pm #

    It was disappointing that The Commissioner was not present at this annual memorial to fallen colleagues. It is a very special calendar event and surely other arrangements could be worked around the date. I have no doubt a suitable excuse will be forwarded, if any.

  2. Rosemarie May 29, 2017 at 11:53 am #

    Such a pity the Sunday independent commented on some of the widows attendance or non attendance. Our loss is no less if we attend or not. Due to reason beyond our control we may not be able to attend and this should not be hi lighted by singling out widows. We carry the same heartache for life.

  3. patrick joseph mc June 4, 2017 at 8:09 am #

    Rosemarie, is right grief is personal ,Just because one smiles it does not mean one does feel the pain, some people are very private people and do not like such gatherings , The Irish Times carried an article following the Murder of Tony Golden R.I.P written a Journalist Relative that showed the impact borne silently with dignity generations later. I heard the story of a daughter of a member murdered in the 40s that attends each year and a Gsrma member who knew her for his entire service only became aware of her family history in the final year of his service . We live in an age of mass communication but very little real communication and nothing can replace the humble phone call just to say how are you done silently and unseen

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