Comments by ISME Chief – Garda Pensions.

Gordon Deegan, writing in the Irish Examiner, 29th March quotes the following comments from Mark Fielding, Chief Eexecutive, ISME –  “Gardai are retiring with average lump sums of €100,000 on top of their pensions, which shows tax payers are paying over the odds, to fund generous packages“.

The ISME Chief Executive by generalising, use of eye-catching and distorting facts, gives the impression all garda retiress last year received a pension bonanza.  Averaging is very unfair to rank & file members of the force.

Read ISME Chief crticises “over the odds” Garda pensions.



2 Responses to Comments by ISME Chief – Garda Pensions.

  1. timothy March 31, 2016 at 8:43 pm #

    I thought Mark Fielding’s recent press comment on Garda pensions was most disingenuous. His targeting of he Gardai was biased vis-a-via other public servants. He made no distinction between the rank structures. Gardai paid into their pension schemes and have a just entitlement same as everyone else. (Tim O’ Leary)

  2. Eugene April 5, 2016 at 10:59 am #

    Mark Fielding is misinformed. He cannot distinguish between a commissioners salary and a garda as salary. Obviously he just looked at the higher ranking retiring members. Our General Secretary should write to him and set the record straight. He is the type of gent that has a one track mind in my opinion. He can only see what is good for his business friends. We paid our dues over our service, we were in a contract that was broken by the Government. They told us that other contracts could not be broken, but they smashed ours, and slashed our pensions, and Garda pay. They are now paying recruits jaw wages with the effect that some have resigned, and more will follow. The Minister told them to disobey their superiors if they felt like it, and to whistleblow . That was some statement from the Justice Minister and nobody challenged her. Gardai, teachers, nurses, firemen, paramedics , doctors etc. are not on their radar, only to keep them poor, and keep their wealthy friends more wealthy.

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