To All GSRMA Members,

Below notification has been received from NSSO (National Shared Services Office) regarding the Closure of Ulster Bank & KBC Accounts and what to do for Garda Síochána Retired Members .


Ref Closure of Ulster Bank & KBC Accounts – Garda Síochána Retired Members 

I am writing to inform you of the action the NSSO is taking to assist the retirees on our payroll with accounts in the above banks in updating their bank details with us.

Affected Retiree Requirements:

We are aware that both Ulster Bank and KBC have commenced their notification process with account holders. Indeed, many of the retirees have already updated their bank details with us. However, we are now writing to those remaining retirees on our databases with Ulster Bank/KBC accounts, to ensure they are aware of the requirement to provide us with new bank details as soon as possible.

How Retirees can update their Bank Account Details:

Attached is a copy of the Change of Bank Account Details Form that will issue to these retirees over the coming weeks.



Yours sincerely,

Customer Relations and Support Services,

National Shared Services Office

July 2022