Today, Thursday 25th. May 2017, the Alliance of Retired Public Servants, to which Garda Siochana Retired Members’ Association are affiliated, entered talks with Department of Public Expenditure & Reform, on the vexed question of the restoration of our Pensions.

While early indications are that the talks have an air of optimism, and anticipation, there appears to be a willingness that restoration must happened quicker that planned as et out in the Partnership for Government as 1st. January 2022.

There may be a willingness, and an acceptance to things must happen sooner than planned by Government, we must wait and see what the nuts and bolts of these discussions bring with it.  These talks are being held in the backdrop of the more important and crucial Pay Talks with all the Public Service Trade Unions, and the Staff Associations of An Garda Siochana.

Below is the link to the submission made by The Alliance of Retired Public Servants to Department of Public Expenditure & Reform in advance of these crucial talks.

Alliance Submission on Restoration.