A report by the Policing Authority has strongly criticised the gardaí for failing to implement recommendations from the Garda Inspectorate to change policing in Ireland.

The report found that most of the recommendations the gardaí said had been completed had in fact not been completed, and that out of the 50 the gardaí claimed had been, the Authority was only satisfied with nine.

The Authority has called in to question the reliability of the Garda’s reporting and says in future it will require evidence that recommendations have been completed.

In all, the Policing Authority says one third of the recommendations have not commenced or are under review and it does not accept An Garda Síochána’s claim that all will be delivered in five years.

The report also found the Authority is not satisfied that structures are in place to enable gardaí to assess risk, prioritise resources or review progress.

The Authority  says it is concerned that trainee gardaí continue to leave Templemore training college without driver training, which is increasing and is a risk which needs to be addressed immediately.

The report found the pace on civilianisation to be slow and is concerned about the absence of a strategy for the Garda Reserve combined with an uncertainty as to how many reservists are active

The report highlighted progress in some key areas such as the establishment of pilot Protective Services Bureaux and Victim Services Offices.

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  1. Eugene September 16, 2017 at 4:13 pm #

    It is hard to disagree with the Policing Authority on this. This problem has been there for over 50 years now, and that stems from the fact that the Organisation is still run as it was after the foundation of the State, following the structures of the RIC and the old English ways. We inherited the Laws and the practices . As I said before, the Dept. Of Justice is just the same, resisting change, there always seems to be a fear of change, especially with us older folk , the auld saying– don’t fix it if it’s not broken, well it requires fixing and the reccomendations for change should be implemented, not shelved hoping that it won’t reappear for a long time. I suppose Noirin was so busy with all the Committees and enquiries that it was hard to drive the change that was proposed, but the New regime , when it is in place should drive on , but they will need help from the Justice Dept. , and I’m not sure that they are capable of that.

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