Our Worries in an Ageing Society.

Yesterday, the Irish Independent featured a very interesting article from David McWilliam.  The author of the article was reflecting back to the death of his own father (79 yrs.) five years ago.  His father was a healthy man up to a number of years before he died, but over-night his quality of life plummeted dreadfully.

In 1961, there were 315,000 people aged 65 or over in the Republic of Ireland.  At the 2011 census, there was 531,600 – this trend is set to change drastically in the decades ahead.

You can read David McWilliam’s article and concerns by clicking – HERE

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  1. patrick joseph mc October 26, 2014 at 2:54 pm #

    On the business SECTION of Irish independent on 23rd OCTOBER Charlie Weston has and article on such subject under Old age And Public SECTOR Pensions not Sustainable . Solutions are not simple, Working conditions are gone out the window for the ordinary worker and many age related illness are appearing at a younger age than 20 years ago, the one thing that amazed me about Irish Water bonuses was ground workers on the lowest wages got 1 per cent and the top salaried boss got 29 per cent, No doubt a new type of leadership and helping each other is required for the challenges that faces Society

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