Watch-Out for “Comment Box” — Tie-On-Tags

The number of our Web Users” who submit interesting comments/replies to website articles is on the increase.  Its marvellous to see the interaction which helps to improve the service the GSRMA provides to members.  Click on the green text “continue reading” to open the full web article.  If there is a “Comment /Reply” you will spot it a little further down. A very interesting reply was received today to “A Cup of Barrys Tea” article in the Members area of the website.  As our website develops, more and more articles will in future appear in the “MEMBERS AREA” of the site.

To make it easier to track similar articles on the website, you may spot a small “Tie-On-Tag” which maybe placed just above the REPLY-BOX.  This TAG is very small and if you click on the TAG — all other articles that are connected should appear.  In the Members Area you can used the “SEARCH-Box” which you will find on the righhand side.




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