Update on Recent happenings within Alliance of Retired Public Servants.

Noel O’Sullivan, Vice Chairman of Alliance of Retired Public Servants, and GSRMA Central Committee member reports from the the most recent Alliance meeting.

Hereunder are the main points discussed:

  • Urgent meeting with Minister Pascal Donohue re. Industrial Relations has been requested and reply from the Minister is on the way to Alliance.
  • Alliance had meeting with Shay Cody, ICTU, and agreed that meetings in early New Year (January) will include the Alliance in future talks on the speeding-up of full restoration of pensions.
  • Public servants in employment have already received a flat rate increase of €1,000 in new money and this flat rate increase must be pursued on behalf of pensioners.
  • Local Alliance members in Clare/Limerick region met with Deputy Timmy Dooley, FF, to pursue our claim for full restoration of pensions and it was intimated at the meeting that as politicians pay is linked to civil service pay scales they will look favourably at this.
  • The Alliance has requested an urgent meeting with F.F.’s Dara Calleary on: (a) On urgent need to confront the continuation of FEMPI legislation due to improved economic situation  (b) the Constitutional protection of pensions under Art. 40 of the Constitution and (c) full restoration of public service pensions which amounts to €35M a minuscule figure in the overall budget.
  • Legal advice to Alliance indicates that as FEMPI was introduced for the “common good” it is unlikely that the courts would overrule the legislation.
  • The Alliance intends to commence a public media campaign for the full restoration of pensions. Mr. Pat Montague, Montague Communications…, made a presentation to the meeting on what he saw as the benefits from such a campaign and I attach a summary of the presentation.
  • It was proposed that each organisation be asked for a subscription of €1,000 towards the funding of campaign and each to indicate at the next meeting on 2/12/16 what funding would be forthcoming. It was proposed to commence the campaign immediately. If our Association subscribe to this campaign I believe the GSRMA can use the template for other future campaigns

Noel O’Sullivan.

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