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The Irish Independent today, Wednesday, 2 December, has an interesting “Letter to Editor” from Tony Fagan, Wexford Branch Secretary, Garda Síochána Retired member’s Association (GSRMA).  Tony, has vast experience of “Representative Associations” and the power in “Unity”.  There is also another letter on the same page from Cathal Ryan, Maynooth touching on “Policing Our Roads” that might be of interest.

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  1. patrick joseph mc December 2, 2015 at 7:41 pm #

    Fintan O,Toole in his opinion in Tuesday 1/12/2015 Irish Times sums up both articles perfectly .The garda may. .. have exercised discretion if in control . Tony gives a wake up call to organizations .I was speaking with a live long union member and he pointed out that all organizations forgot those they were supposed to represent when the money went automatically into accounts instead of being collected by the shop stewards /or human faces who cared. The became a business to be enjoyed by a select few. It is wrong to tar all with the same brush as I was at an A, G .M of a National body a few weeks ago and it was an example to all in transparency as every cent paid out in pay and expenses to staff was accounted for without naming any individual with the amount for each person given ,The salaries and expenses were very modest for the work done

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