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Error in Final Smithwick Tribunal Report

The Smithwick tribunal has made an error in its final report by mixing up the evidence given by two retired gardai, the Sunday Independent has learned. Judge Smithwick published his final report in December. One of the retired gardai, Thomas Brady, a former Garda Superintendent, noticed the mistake last month and alerted the Smithwicj Tribunal, […]

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Solicitor — defends Smithwick’s Findings

In the Irish Times to-day, Mr. John McBurney, Solicitor for the family of murdered RUC officer Harry Breen, says the gardai’s critique is highly selective and filled with errors and displays a lack of familiarity with inquiry findings. On the three retired Garda Officers who were authors of the critique, he states “They no doubt […]

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Retired Garda Officers – Critique on Smithwick Conclusions

Three former Garda Officers, now members of the Garda Síochána Retired Members’ Association (GSRMA) have published a comprehensive evaluation of the Smithwick Tribunal conclusions, challenging its key findings of collusion by unnamed gardai in the murder of two RUC officers. They claim this Tribunal findings is not grounded in FACTS and should be rejected by […]

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