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A man from the Royal County deserves our appreciation for putting pen to paper.  J. Cuffe’s letter in the Irish Independent, Saturday, 20th July, 2013 has raised very interesting questions.  Noel Callan, now 50 was jailed in 1985  with co-accused Michael McHugh for the murder of a “heroic” Garda Sergeant, Patrick Morrissey.  The death sentence […]

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Inquest into Raonaid Murray’s Death

Retired Detective Inspector Eamon O’ Reilly, headed the murder investigation into the death of Raonaid Murray, for a period of 12 years.  He is concerned with  evidence given at a recent  inquest into her death.   Read the Evening Herald article, click here

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Reflection on a Contribution to the Irish State

A Retired Garda who gave many years of Service and now retired is very worried.  After reading Page 10 the Labour Relations Commissions – Proposals (Section 2.31) he is seriously concerned of major cuts to Garda Pensions.  He shared this REFLECTION with us :- To uphold the laws of the land in this country, our […]

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Murder of Det. Garda John Morley and Garda Henry Byrne

At 2.00 pm on 7th July, 1980, three men entered the Bank of Ireland in Ballaghadreen, wearing balaclavas and waving guns. Shouting “Everybody down” they  netted €35,000.  A few miles out of town their get-away car was intercepted by a Garda Patrol-Car from Castlerea which was responding to a call about the robbery.  The two […]

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Murder of Una Lynskey in October, 1971

Jim Cusack and Alan Murray, reporters for the Sunday Independent recently interviewed Retired Detective Garda Supt John Courtney. The reporters were anxious to discover if there was a possible IRA link to the murder of Una Lynskey.  The 19 year old Civil Servant was abducted near Powerstown, Co. Meath on the 12th October, 1971.  Two […]

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