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Court Expenses for Retired Gardai

If you are summonsed to give evidence in court in relation to a criminal investigation in which you were involved in your Garda capacity prior to your retirement you are entitled to the following : Travelling expenses at public transport rate (return) from your home to the court. Subsistance Allowance at the current Garda rates […]

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PRSI Rules Changes for State State Pensions

The rules on qualifying for the State Pension have changed hugely over the past number of years. For many, the changes have gone unnoticed, but the full effect of these changes can have a massive impact for the coming generations of pensioners. The rules determining the amount of State pension which a person can qualify for […]

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Some Garda Clerical Staff — Onto a Winner

Some 14 Garda Clerical Staff have a claim PENDING, seeking equal pay with Gardai working with them in Garda Offices. Their case was recently referred to the European Court of Justice. The European Court of Justice Advocate General has ruled: “Justification must be given for Clerical Staff being paid up to €12,000 less than Gardai […]

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