Sunday Indo Letter – “Problem of Pensions”.

Aileen Lebrocquay from Ranelagh, Dublin is the winner of three bottles of The Dublin Irish Whiskey Liqueur with her “Letter of the Week” in the Sunday Independent dated 19th July 2015.  Her subject matter is on the problem of pensions —- from her point of view.

Read the Sunday Independent letter Problem of Pensions


Back in November 1962, the Joint Consultative Council of Retired State Servant issued a “Press Release” following one of their meeting on “Parity of Pensions” which might  be of interest to our GSRMA members to-day. It read:

Our pensions are deferred pay and accordingly we have a contractual and moral right to them. When a person enters the Public Service, the remuneration offered is payable partly during his/her working life and partly during his/her years in retirement. The current and deferred element of his/her pay are still on the payroll and the Income Tax Department treats their pensions as earned income. Both payments are in fulfilment of an implied contract of service. The pensioner is also entitled to the same compensation for inflation as the serving officers, consequently when serving officers are granted increases due to the cost of living, pensioners should also be granted corresponding increases“



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