Solicitor — defends Smithwick’s Findings

In the Irish Times to-day, Mr. John McBurney, Solicitor for the family of murdered RUC officer Harry Breen, says the gardai’s critique is highly selective and filled with errors and displays a lack of familiarity with inquiry findings. On the three retired Garda Officers who were authors of the critique, he states “They no doubt walked in the footsteps of Chief Supt Breen and Supt Buchanan in the corridors of Dundalk Garda Station on many occasions – but they have certainly not walked in the footsteps of Judge Smithwick through the course of his painstaking and exhaustive inquiry into this most serious matter indeed”.

You can read the Irish Times article by clicking HERE

To listen to Retired Detective Chief Supt. John O’ Brien on RTE Radio “This Week Programme” click on this LINK

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