Pension Payments AUGUST – Not Good Enough.

Pension Section Dept.  of Justice Killarney have dated your cheque payment for August as 4th. August 2015.  This despite repeated assurances at Consultancy and Advisory Committee meetings between GSRMA and representatives of Garda management that this practice would not happen again. These agreements seem to count for nothing!

General Secretary Paschal Feeney has been in contact with Pension Section in Killarney, but those present on Friday were unable to answer the questions posed by our general secretary, as to why there was a change again this month.  It appears we will have to wait until Tuesday after the Bank Holiday to get clarification on this issue.  The member of staff spoken with, obviously had a “stock” answer ready, and stated this was the first working day for the banks, and so no account would be compromised in relation to standings orders and fixed payments.

However, while that’s all fine, we do live in times of extremely austerity, despite what others may be saying, our pension payments are due on the first day of each month, and we need access to our lawful funds as and from that date each month.
Paschal Feeney,
Gen. Sec. GSRMA.


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  1. Arthur O August 1, 2015 at 6:49 pm #

    I’m shocked not to see anyone else offering more critical comment on this dastardly lack of attention and compassion by Financial Services, Killarney. If they’re preparing “stock answers” we can expect there will be no change going forward.

    We’re a quiet lot, obviously content to allow ourselves be treated as second-class citizens and accept crumbs and contempt from the official side.

    Has austerity really been that severe? One would certainly think not!

    I for one had to cancel plans for a very meagre cheap break this Bank Holiday weekend simply because I was not paid my entitlement, thereby loosing a small deposit. I won’t be taking it lying down, if only on principle.

    Total interest accrued for three days should be claimed and given to charity.

    I’ll bet government and politicians were not affected.

  2. william mc August 2, 2015 at 11:58 am #

    Yes it’s an utter disgrace the way we are been treated after all our years of dedicated service

  3. Eugene August 4, 2015 at 9:56 am #

    We should not be surprised at all, we are being treated like this for some time now.empty promises, that is all we receive. This latest episode just shows what they think of retired members. The pressure will have to be kept on . What was the point in posting out payslips last Thursday with 04/08/2015 on them. Roll on the elections.

  4. George August 4, 2015 at 4:09 pm #

    Same old same old story. I am a home carer for my wife and have a lot of expenses
    and then to have to wait for my “earnings” to arrive late beggars belief. 36 years of loyal service
    and then we get another kick in the teeth.

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