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The Editor & Editorial Board are pleased to inform GSRMA members that the Autumn 2016 Síocháin is currently with the Printers and  expected to reach the 6,000 membership on Wednesday 14th September.  Every effort was made to accommodate most of the articles / photographs sent to us.  We are very pleased that the Síocháin is delivered on schedule. Many thanks to those who submitted articles / photographs or provided a feedback on the magazine.

Preparation of Síocháin Magazine

The preparation of the Síocháin  involves working on two issues such as the Autumn and also the Winter (Christmas) issue. For that reason, the Editorial Board like to have material submitted well in advance.  So, if you have photos, articles, poems etc, send them on now.


Approx six pages of the magazine is used to feature “Assoc News” from Branches. A sincere thanks to all the Branch Secretaries who submit news.  It is very important for retired members in various REGIONS to be able to read Local News items.


You can post photographs direct to :  Gen Sec., GSRMA House, No.5 Harrington Street, Dublin 8  or forward them by e-mail.  If you are scanning the photograph, just remember to scan it at the highest resolution — 600 (dpi) which is ideal for publication.

Regional Service

The Síocháin Editorial Board are anxious that each Region receives FAIR coverage in the magazine. With that in mind the Editorial Board depend a lot on Branch Secretaries and in particular our Website readers to supply us with articles, photographs.  Your interaction, feedback and letters to editor in relation to the magazine is deeply appreciated.

For the Winter 2016 editions  –  we invite submissions on any of the following  :

  • Articles from Branches on Garda Retired News.
  • Historical Articles, Articles on Sport, Hobbies, Athletics, Gardening, Health, etc. of interest to GSRMA members. ( max 1,800 words)
  • Why not type an Obituary on a deceased Garda colleague. (max 400 words.)
  • A Photograph of interest to Retired Members.
  • A Photograph for consideration for Front-Cover of Síocháin.
  • A Poem or words of an old Song that might remind our colleagues of days gone-by.
  • A reminder to us of … a GSRMA member to whom we might talk to or feature.

Short Story2016 Competition.

The Ed Board is pleased to announce the Short Story Competition for 2016.  The total prize money will be €2,500 with the following prizes:

  • Ist Prize = €1,500.
  • 2nd Prize = €500.
  • 3rd Prize = €300.
  • 4th Prize = €200.

A formal prize-giving ceremony will take place.

Guidelines & Rules for Entries:

  • Competition is open to GSRMA members and spouses.
  • Only one entry per person is permitted.
  • Entries of 2,000 words (max) must be typed, on one side only, on A4 paper.
  • Copy should be double-spaced, with point size of font 12.
  • Author’s name and details should be entered on the accompanying entry form.
  • Since original scripts will not be returned, authors are advised yo retain a copy.
  • The decision of the adjudication panel is FINAL.
  • Submissions must be sent electronically to
  • Closing date for submission is – 12th October 2016 (5 pm).
  • Late entries will not be considered.
  • Prize winners will be published in “Winter 2016 issue of Siocháin”.
  • A selection of entries may also be published in future issues of the magazine.
  • GSRMA Centra Committee members and their families are NOT eligible to enter.


Further nformation on the above or articles can be obtained from any of the following:-

  1. Paschal Feeney, Gen. Sec. GSRMA   ( GSRMA HOUSE, No. 5 Harrington Street, Dublin 8.)     E-Mail Address: gensec [@]
  2. Noel E. O’ Sullivan    =     chief.kerry [@]
  3. Tim Bowe      =          tadghbowe [@]


Please remove the [  ] from the e-mail- list which is inserted to prevent the spread of spam.

Help us make the Síocháin more interesting so that we give

Service to GSRMA Members“.




3 Responses to Autumn (2016) – Síocháin Magazine

  1. patrick joseph mc March 3, 2014 at 10:13 pm #

    it is a pity that more members do not write articles based on their experience ,self employment ,being a sole trader, or forming a limited company,planing funerals and the follow up, no advice is as good as an actual account of difficulties or obstacles encountered, we have members who are barristers solicitors accountants tradesmen/handymen of all sorts and sharing their experience would enrich us all. to quote GAA pundit COLM O,Rourke referring to a very tall GARDA, ; listen he is far more than a one trick pony: and same applies to many GSRMA MEMBERS

  2. noel June 24, 2014 at 1:50 pm #

    Yes Patrick Joseph Mc, I agree with you that more members should use our website but they are not doing so for whatever reason. Perhaps they have all gone shy in their retirement. I understand that many are clicking in but not engaging. I note that the Editorial Board of Siochain are seeking submissions under 8 headings for articles, so that request might have the desired effect. Could I suggest that you be the catalyst!!!!!.
    Noel Hynes.

  3. timothy June 18, 2016 at 8:15 pm #

    6,000 subscribers as you mention. Its a great pity that the other 4,000 retired/widows are missing out on the great beneficial service provided by the GSRMA. Presently 8,428 Retired Members together with 1,783 Garda Widows. Total 10,211.

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