Retired Sgt. Mick Houlihan – Cork City

It was a trip down memory lane yesterday when 90 year-old retired Garda Sergeant Michael Houlihan made a courtesy visit to Elizabeth Fort, Cork City.  This was the very place where he spent many years as “Sergeant Incharge” of Barrack Street Garda Station.  The Garda Station was closed a few months ago and yesterday the Buildings were officially handed over by the O.P.W. to the care of the Lord Mayor of Cork City, Ms. Catherine Clancy.  Plans are in place to develop an interpretive centre for Elizabeth Fort.

To read the Irish Examiner and see a photo of Retired Sgt, Michael Houlihan, click HERE

For views and snaps from Elizabeth Fort, click HERE

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  1. noel January 9, 2014 at 8:27 pm #

    Congratulations to Mick Houlihan, a retired Garda Sgt., down in Cork on reaching the magical age of 90, and still able to visit his Alma Mater. I hope he has written his Memoirs. He is not the only member of course who “hung on” after retirement to reach 90. I recently attended the funeral in Clane, Co. Kildare, of Peter McGing, a retired C/Supt., who also topped the 90. Indeed I had the honour of serving with three members in SDU who all reached 97 before deciding to vacate this planet – Peter Byrne, died in March 1999. He along with D/Sgt Ned Fergus were driving along Holles St., in 1944 when an IRA unit fired bullets through the windscreen of their unmarked Garda car. I am quite sure that the thought must have flashed across their minds that they would not survive to draw their pensions,and certainly not to live to the age of 97. But they both did survive and returned fire and shot dead one of the IRA men. As far as I can ascertain their names do not appear as Scott Medal recipients. The third member who died about two years ago is Joe Walsh, who was a nephew of the well known Kerry writer, Maurice Walsh, the author of “The Quite Man”. Maurice sold the rights of this book for 2,000 pounds to a film company who subsequently made a profit of 47 million pounds from the film. All three of these members were drawing their respective Garda pensions, like Mick Houlihan, for longer than their service. (Lets all hope that we will do likewise!!!!!) Noel Hynes.

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