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The following information from Retired Garda Dermot Kelly may be of relevance to any of our members who were employed or are now employed as a Service Officer in a Government Department.

“I am a retired Member of An Garda Siochana and am currently employed as a Service Officer in the Courts Service.

Under an Agreement between the Federated Union of Government Employees and the Official Side, Members could be awarded Incremental Credit in respect of their prior service in An Garda Siochana. (In plain terms, Incremental Credit means that because one has already completed the pay scale as a Garda, if the retired Member becomes a Service Officer he/she can apply for Incremental Credit for his/her prior service in An Garda Siochana, which would bring him/her on an equal par with the last year of the pay scale as a Service Officer).

Myself and another retired Garda both Members of F.U.G.E and Impact have applied as Service Officers for Incremental Credit and we are anxious to contact other retired Members who are/were Service Officers (it is a general grade) regardless, of which Government Department or Civil Service section they serve/served in (1) applied for and were awarded Incremental Credit (2) or are in the process of applying for Incremental Credit.

I would be obliged if they could contact me on my mobile phone 087 6702235 or at my email address:

All contact/correspondence will be treated in the strictest confidence and may be of benefit to retired Members.

Thanking you in anticipation of your input.

Dermot Kelly (Retired Garda)
G.S.R.M.A number 15334”

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