Brendan Casserly, Bishopstown, Cork City, had a letter published in the Irish Examiner on Thursday, 4th August.  He was seeking clarification on: “If the workforce must fall into two categories, Private Sector and Public Sector, then why does PUBLIC Sector not include everybody, without exception, who is paid out of the Public Purse including not just Gardai, Teachers and Nurses but all members of the Oireachtas, Special Advisers, Department Secretary Generals, Judges, Garda Commissioners, etc. ?

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  1. patrick joseph mc August 6, 2016 at 9:12 am #

    I would just add another point , Life Long Career commitment is never taken into consideration Special Adviser or people on Secondment will move on with the offer of money ,This really came to light recently in the High COURT when a citizen claimed a pension was not up to standard for lifestyle and wanted to return to a previous career,the rest of us have to live within our means

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