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Cliff Taylor, writing in the Irish Times on Easter Saturday, states the Government should have nothing whatsoever to do with TALKS about going back to where we were before, in terms of Public Pay or any other area of Public finance.   The Trade Union Conference season is ready to kick-off early next week and top of their agenda will be — PAY.   On the invitation of the Minister for Public Expenditure, Brendan Howlin, the Public Sector Unions are to enter talks on pay with the Government.

Read Cliff Taylor’s Irish Times article by clicking – HERE

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  1. patrick joseph mc April 6, 2015 at 9:43 am #

    The real problem is not being mentioned at all which should concern both serving and retired which is outsourching of functions to the cheapest bidder without regard to quality. This is already happening but what is to come is far worse. Paul Anthony McDermott writing in yesterday Sunday Times had an excellent article on Dept of Social Protection plans to cut out the use of Post Offices which affects the most vulnerable especially in rural IRELAND. This morning on Morning Ireland during the discussion on Dept of Justice, it also pointed out the pitfalls of this policy pointing out that public servants are accountable but private companies are not. I see it everyday but I NOW KNOW I am not imagining what others choose to ignore.

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