Private patients attending Public Hospitals.

In a row that has been brewing for some time, Health Insurance Companies are getting increasingly frustrated with Public Hospitals that charge patients the cost of a private bed when they are in a public ward.  While you might think it is an issue for the H.S.E. and Insurers to sort out, you could be wrong, because it is starting to affect Health Insurance Premiums.

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  1. patrick joseph mc July 29, 2016 at 7:28 pm #

    An other point to be considered is that health Insurance cover covers a maximum of 180 days hospital cover in respect of any hospital stay. At a time when a person is not thinking straight because of illness of a family member or oneself it is sad to see money taking the place of humanity ,I aware of a case where a spouse having to make an instant decision as regards going public or private and because of personal knowledge wisely choose public as the recovery is good but very slow involving a great deal of hospital instay

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