Policemen who fell – 1916 Fighting.

THE inclusion of 17 policemen killed at Easter 1916 on the new Remembrance Wall at Glasnevin Cemetery goes a long way to recognising their contribution. It is the first time they have been collectively remembered in a national memorial.

The Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) was the armed police force of the island of Ireland under British rule from 1814 until 1922 and incorporated the Peace Preservation Force from 1814 to 1922, the County Constabulary from 1822 to 1836, and the Irish Constabulary from 1836 until 1867, when it was granted the prefix ‘Royal’ in 1867 for the successful suppression of the Fenian Rising.

Read the Irish Examiner Recognising conribution of police who fell in 1916 fighting.


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