Photographing Stags – Rutting Season Killarney.

People travel from all over Ireland and abroad to Killarney during the “Rutting Season” in the hope of capturing a sensational photograph. To capture that special snap, they camp over-night in the hills to achieve their ambition.  At day-break, when the stags are most active, vicious fights develop and the clashing of antlers can be heard for long distances — a sound very similar to the “Clash of the Ash” in a hurling match.. 

Our Munster, GSRMA Central Committee Rep”, Pat Lehane resides in that very neck-of-the woods and last week he took to the hills with camera, set of long lenses and camping equipment to sit and wait.

In the townland of Knockreer (Cnoc An Rí), 300 meters west of St. Mary’s Cathedral, Killarney, he captured an exciting photo of a lone stag.  With the sun-light on the hill-top it looks a prize-winner. Man is never happy with his lot and a few mornings later, while camped 500 meters north of the Torc Waterfall, he captured a photo of a stag guarding hinds (two in view).

Hereunder are the fruits of his labours.   Feel free to comment below.

DSCF0133DSCF0125 - Copy

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