Underpaid – Gardai / Nurses & Teachers.

The flurry of campaigning by the Garda Representative Association (GRA) on behalf of its new entrants includes the claim that of the recruits qualified since 2014 (the first since the five-year embargo), three have already resigned as a result of the cuts. This seems extraordinary given that there were about 30 applicants for each post, with a stated starting salary of €23,171. But this week, according to the GRA, a fourth has given up.

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  1. Arthur O April 11, 2016 at 10:46 am #

    What ever happened with the Council of Europe ruling on the rights of Gardai to join a union, negotiate pay and strike?


    If it was to take more of our pension – yes it would be dealt with very promptly by enacting emergency legislation!

    What about the “recovery” that was bandied about so much pre GE2016? Furthermore what about having a government?

    I’ve never yet met a citizen of this state who would generally trust a politician.

    Politicians are simply untruthful and untrustworthy – playing childish games to ensure their own personal ends. Using their positions to gain favour.

    They have lost sight of the three main pillars, essential requisites in a democratic society…


    One must fear for the lives of serving Gardai who are expected to work for a pittance in a very dangerous society, under extreme difficulties and with much less than adequate resources to protect themselves in the first instance.

    Governance in Ireland has no respect or consideration for those who serve, who give their lives in the service of their country or who are seriously injured. I doubt if proper respect and honour can likewise be shown parasitical inept politicians in governance who feign their responsibilities and show such a bad example.

  2. patrick joseph mc April 11, 2016 at 4:24 pm #

    The answer is a commission to examine the whole problem, I have spoken to a number of people who choose to work for less pay because of working conditions and accountability had become injurious to their health .The legal threat and micro management to exert more from people under pressure will eventually crash to a halt. It is rather strange to read in the Sunday Times that the law Society ask for ombudsman exemption again when most people are now afraid to a make a professional decision without legal advice which does not come cheaply and the amount expended on legal advice would be of assistance to many in difficult circumstances instead of enriching a select few,

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