Pastoral Statement – Catholic Bishops of Irl.

A general election is an important moment which offers a democratic society an opportunity to reflect on its successes and failures.  In Ireland we are fortunate to live in a lively democratic society, even with all its imperfections.   Democracy requires in the first place that all citizens exercise their right to vote and we strongly encourage all to vote in the up-coming election.

Democracy however is not limited to voting. Democracy is fundamentally about people working and walking together to foster the common good. Democracy is damaged by indifference and by a splintering of society or a fixation on individual interests.  A general election is a moment in which all citizens, and not just political parties, should reflect and take stock of the health of the nation and especially on how we respond to the plight of the most vulnerable.

Democracy flourishes when it is rooted in a shared social ethic.  To succeed, good social policy requires economic stability and sustained growth.  But economic growth on its own does not necessarily generate social equity.   Social equity has a logic of its own which must be worked on to achieve its aim. Our comparatively wealthy Ireland has still a long path to travel in this task.

Clink on link read full statement Pastoral Statement of the Catholic Bishops of Ireland on the upcoming General Election



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