Night Duty – Cure to “Reset” the Body Clock

A Pill to “rest” the body-clock, curing jet lag and easing the strain of working night, scientists have discovered. Manchester University Researchers found the enzyme keeps the body operating on a 24-hour rhythm.  When it is suppressed, this effectively resets itself, making it easier for the body to adapt to being up at night or asleep in the daytime.

It now becoming clear that clock-disruption is increasing the incidence and severity of diseases, including obesity and diabetes.  Studies have shown that disrupting the body-clock has a serious impact on health, raising the risk of heart attacks and strokes by more than 40%. Night shifts are thought to be responsible for 500 women dying each year from breast cancer.

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  1. Arthur O March 21, 2014 at 3:07 pm #

    The Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust (ISAT) ( has for many years recognised the dangers to health associated with working the night shift.

    Sleep Disorders take a huge toll on your health, published 2011:

    ISAT Facebook:

    With assistance from ISAT RTE Radio 1’s Documentary Maker Sarah Blake undertook an in-depth study for Documentary on One, entitled “Deadly Sleeper” in 2010. Well worth listening to:-

    In April 2013 ISAT Twitter:

    ISAT strongly recommends that the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) take more interest and employ more heightened action regarding the health dangers associated with working that laborious night shift!

    Arthur O Hara
    GSRMA Kildare North Sec.
    Chairman ISAT
    Fri 21 Mar 2014 1500 GMT Standard Time Wk. 12.

    The ISAT AGM is on Sat 5 April 2014 in Croke Park.

    Membership of ISAT is free.

  2. patrick joseph mc March 23, 2014 at 6:00 pm #

    Very interesting, while there is an increase in diabetes generally there is a greater increase among shift workers and at a younger age. There is also an increase in work with less resources and more accountability. Proper rest periods and regular meal-times is an impossibility for many on shift work. There is no long-term evaluation of the lasting effects as the recession has made it an employers paradise for choice as one is seen as lucky to be employed regardless of conditions. In the future we may see the real cost of the stress of coping with the present day working demands

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