Nationwide Crime Wave – Action Needed.

Retired Chief Superintendent, Michael Carthy, a GSRMA member – Roscommon Branch writing in the Irish Independent, Friday, 2nd October 2015, states:-  “The recent dramatic upsurge in rural crime was predictable, given the policies pursued by the current Government.  The reduction in Garda Numbers, Closure of Rural Garda Stations, Restricted Garda Budgets and the Failure to structure the force to meet current policing demands have all contributed in no small way to the sorry state of affairs, where law-abiding rural people who have paid taxes all their lives and contributed to the development of this State are now in fear”.

Read the Irish Independent article Action Needed – Nationwide Crime Wave.


(Appreciation to Gerry Blake, Dublin South GSRMA for text-alert re above)


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  1. patrick joseph mc October 2, 2015 at 7:39 pm #

    The most important paragraph is this article is Finally,a zero tolerance approach to crime should be implemented in in that every offence will be dealt with,This is based on the belief that if minor offences go unchallenged or unheeded by a garda ,they will develop into more serious crime. His article is balanced ,One does not overnight progress to the actions described to the Judge i.n Clonmel .In the present age there is no excuse for not having a 24 hour court by Video Link .Paperwork has increased in the Court System year in year out tying up Gardai to criminal advantage and society loss. The legal system would do well to take heed of the advice given by the Supreme Court on 22.7.98 in two cases D.P.P V Sommers and D.P.P v McNeill where the Courts are there to do justice .The amount Garda Man hours that has to be used in watertight preparation of even minor cases is only known the the members on the ground..These man hours are lost from the preventive side of policing . Michael Carty was never afraid of work on the ground

  2. Eugene October 3, 2015 at 4:49 pm #

    Great to see a retired Chief Supt. comment of things concerning the job, and the way things have been done by the Government in recent years. Only a few have put pen to paper , many more of them should follow and let the Minister know that what was done was bad decision making.

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