National Federation of Pensioners’ Association

The National Federation of Pensioners Association (NFPA) was formed in 1976 and to-day has 20 Pensioners Associations (including the Garda Síochána Retired members’ Association) affiliated to it.  It represents 29,000 Public & Semi-State Pensioners who are unique in that all its pensioners are in receipt of occupational pensions.  NFPA makes a Pre-Budget Submission each year with its man emphasis on the needs of older people in matters of Health, Finance, Tax Social Welfare etc.

Pat Lehane, is the representative from the Central Committee of the Garda Síochána Retired members’ Association (GSRMA) who attends all meeting of the National Federation of Persioners’ Association. The NFPA will hold its Autumn Delegate Conference at Wyne’s Hotel, Abbey Street, Dublin at 11.00 am on Thursday, 30th October,2014.
The proceedings will be opened by the Lord Mayor, Mr. Christy Burke.   Guest speakers will include Mr. Michel Collins of The Nevin Institute and Dr. Austin Warkler of the HSE will also be on hand to talk on ageing.
All affiliated members of the National Federation of Pensioners Association (NFPA) are invited to sent delegates to the conference. to show our concerns. An admission fee of €10 will apply which will include lunch.
The National Federation of Pensioners’ Association (NFPA) has also sought a meeting with Minister Kathleen Lynch to discuss the following matters which are of concerns to elderly people:
(a)    Positive Ageing Strategy.
(b)    That Senior Citizens wish to remain as self sufficient as possible, in their homes,but not living there as    prisoners,due either to disability,lack of proper security or adequate home help,
(c)    The growing uncertainty for pensioners concerning their access to health services and the inadequacy of their health cover as their growing older and often acute requirements for health services increase with age and condition.



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  1. patrick joseph mc October 12, 2014 at 1:41 pm #

    I hope Pat Lehane will be well supported at this meeting, The sad fact is this group of pensioners are portrayed as needing nothing which is often not applicable. Common sense has disappeared in all walks of life and the out sourcing of public services makes no one responsible for the delivery of services with each branch watching their budget and ground workers paperwork taking precedence over the delivery of service. It is impossible to day to make a simple phone to any organization, everyone is presumed to be highly computer literate and in the best of mental and physical health which is not always the case. I came across a person well into the 80s recently with 3 different forms to complete — water, renewal of medical card,the new public service card for pension and free travel without regard for the personal circumstances. The sad fact is that this person had gave a lifetime of service looking after others and now feels excluded.

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