Memories of a Popular Garda

Every week the Irish Times features a “Family Fortunes” memory story.  This week, Sean Ryan shares lovely memories of his late dad (Tom Ryan) a proud Corkman who served the force in the DMR for many years.  It appears his dad was a:  Garda; entrepreneur; carpenter, shop-keeper, market gardener and much more.  His dance hall days should bring back memories to many retired members in Dublin.

Read the Irish Times Family Fortunes – Memories of Garda Tom Ryan.



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  1. patrick joseph mc April 17, 2016 at 2:21 pm #

    Ihe Summer 2009 SIOCHAIN kindly published my article “The Savage loves his Native Shore” based on my meeting with members’ children. It was an had an All Ireland input as it covered R I C, R U C, D. M. P Garda Families. I have spoken to a number of people since and this type of Life style also had a huge welfare input. It covered the growing of vegetables, cutting turf and caring for livestock. In one Station there was a member with a fondness for alcohol but a great farmer and organiser. He spent his time working the land and the bog and others did his duty. His talents were also used by the entire community. All knew there would never face a scarcity of food or heat due to this man. It was a great arrangement as this man only drank when confined to police work. Needless to say there was no scarcity of intelligence in the station party. Sadly to day life is over regulated and the fear of litigation is destroying life. I was speaking to a young man involved with a junior hurling club in rural Ireland for sport sake as they will never win anything major but it costs £40,000 euro to run including hefty insurance costs. Sadly those days are now past to be replaced by targets and spin doctors.

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