Medical Card – G.P. (only) Card – Drug Payment Card

Changes have taken place to the Medical Card System causing some confusion.  The following may assist some of our retired members in relation to entitlements for holders of (i) Medical Cards;   (ii) G.P. (only) Card  and (iii) Drug Payment Card.

A “Medical Card” entitled the holder to free G.P. and Hospital-Visits as well as free Prescription Medicines.

A “G.P. (only) Card entitled the holder to free G.P. visits.
It is important therefore that the holder of this G.P. (Only) Card should be in possession of a Drug Payment Scheme Card issued under the Drugs Payment Scheme (DPS). This is issued by the Local H.S.E. Office.  The importance of this card is that if the family drugs bill exceeds €144 in a month, the HSE will cover the excess.  No Drugs Payment Scheme Card will mean no joy at the chemist. This maybe overlooked by some of our members, especially those been down-graded from a Medical Card.

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