Letters from Alliance of Retired Public Servants to Politicians — Poor Response

During the last week of November 2014, Mr. Brian Burke, Chairman of the Alliance of Retired Public Servants, put pen to paper to write letters to An Taoiseach, Government Ministers, Ministers of State, Dáil Eireann Deputies and Senators.  The Chairman was writing on behalf of public service pensioners to seek a commitment from Government & Opposition Parties, in much improved economic circumstances, to end the use of emergency powers to reduce public service pensions and to end the discriminatory application of the Universal Social Charge to public service pensions at the earliest opportunity.

The Alliance of Retired Public Servants represents over 75,000 retired public servants – including former civil servants, local authority and health employees, teachers, nurses, doctors, gardai, defence force personnel and others.

Below you will find a copy of the letters posted to An Taoiseach, Government Ministers, TDs & Senators.

You will also read the very small number of 54 responses received.  The 54 responses contain very little other than an acknowledgement to the letters.

Read Letter sent to An Taoiseach, Mr. Enda Kenny – Letter to Taoiseach – Alliance Rretired Public Servants (Nov. 2014)

Read Letter to Government Ministers : Letter to Ministers, Ministers of State etc Nov 2014

Read Letters to Opposition TDs & Senators:    Letter to Opposition TDs and Senators Nov 2014

Read the Responses from TDs & Senators : 51 Responses from TDs & Senators (Jan 30)

See the website spreadsheet :  TD’s andSenators website spread-sheet



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