Letter Irish Examiner – “Garda Bravery”

Hereunder is a “Letter to the Editor” of the Irish Examiner  which was published in paper’s edition dated Tuesday, 27th May, 2014.  Under the Heading — Garda Bravery.  It is short and reads:

Concerns have been raised in the recent past in relation to management of An Garda Síochána.

Gardai regularly put their lives at risk to protect the people and their property.  For example, over the weekend and off-duty and unarmed Garda, in the Dublin area, tackled two men engaged in armed robbery of a shop.

Despite have a gun pointed at his head, he pursued the robbers and apprehended one. This is an example of the bravery and integrity of members of an unarmed force”.

Signed:  Michael A. Moriarty, Rochestown, Cork.

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  1. patrick joseph mc May 29, 2014 at 7:56 pm #

    It is not news except when Gardai are consider to be misbehaving. Gardai do great work day in day out. Many years ago a Garda was driving a V I P when a marked Garda-Car travelling at speed cut across their path, the VIP said to the driver — write down the number of the that car so that the driver can be prosecuted for Dangerous Driving. His Garda driver said “Judgement without Investigation”. Do you realise that many of them would be alive today if they took their time instead of putting others first, like unarmed going to a bank raid. Nothing was said for a long time. Hours later the VIP said “Thanks you are right there should be no Judgement prior to proper investigation in any walk of life you have changed the way I look at others”.

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