Judging a Police Officer – How Should it be done ?

The days of judging work-performance of a Garda or Police Officer on the number of Parking Tickets, Summonses or arrest seem to be coming to and end. This week Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed a Bill banning Illinois Law enforcement agencies from using ticket quotas or citations as an evaluative measure. A New Jersey Assemblyman is also introducing a similar bill.

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  1. patrick joseph mc June 20, 2014 at 10:39 pm #

    In to-days Irish Independent is a piece by Shane Phelan on the evidence given to a Dail Committee by Retired Chief Superintendent John O’ Brien who makes the same points. In fact he claims he made them six years ago and if he was heeded at the time it would have saved many and the points he made were excellent for prevention and enhancing the image of the force. His advice was not going for soft revenue targets and concentrate on the bigger fish.

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