Hugh O’ Flaherty — Sound Advice On Controversies

Hugh O’ Flaherty, Retired Supreme Court Judge, writing in the Irish Independent on Monday, 12th May 2014, states “We must keep a sense of proportion over controversies that racked the gardai  –  Lets not lose respect and gratitude for the work the gardai do”.  He feels that money will have to be provided so that there are no further barrack closures, essential equipment is kept up to date and recruitment is maintained so that the force is at full strength.

Read the Irish Independent article by Hugh O’ Flaherty by clicking  —–  HERE

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  1. patrick joseph mc May 17, 2014 at 8:17 am #

    Perhaps one should also look at Tom Brady article in the Indo Thursday 15th May – re Brian Purcell and how things are easily forgotten. Many, myself included remember those incidents that now count for nothing in PR and spin except the old school of Tom Brady. Another man from my youth Michael Carty former C/Supt has an article in the Indo on Tuesday 13th May and strange I just heard JILL Kirby the Canadian Born Journalist on the radio for a few minutes on Friday morning and did not not hear the full programme but her view was most people herself included that dealt with ordinary gardai found them decent people and wondered about all the headlines. Frontline Staff that deal with public are under siege by accountability gurus that never did frontline work but love the media headlines.

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