Gardai in firing line – High Risk Work.

The “Editorial” in the Irish Examiner states – There is growing and entirely justified pressure the end the inequity imposed on recent recruits to the public service, especially gardai, nurses and teachers.  No society that values fairness or hopes to attract able and committed people to these services – and build a career in them – can tolerate a two-tier pay scheme where younger workers are paid far less that their predecessors.

Read the full Editorial Gardai in Firing line – High Risk Work.

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  1. patrick joseph mc April 11, 2016 at 3:56 pm #

    Some of us are very lucky to be alive and that puts everything in perspective.The way injuries are dealt with is the most important aspect. The new public service sick leave regulation are not helpful .There is no other option to fit or unfit for duty currently. In the past there was light duties which is not an option with less numbers on the front line. I once knew a G.P. who always reminded me that fit for duty was being able to look after one self and an injured member or a victim of crime in a hostile situation, Intoxication is a huge factor in crime and violence. We have adult cautioning now for ten years for serious incidents regardless of the terror inflicted on law abiding citizens

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