Government Officials – Planning Meeting with Alliance

The Irish Examiner reported 26th  March… “The Government is operating undemocratically and akin to a “dictatorship” by pursuing cuts to the income of more than 20,000 Public Service Pensions without any form of consultation with those affected say the Alliance of Retired Public Servants”.   However, to-day (Sat. 20th April) the same Irish Examiner  reported that Government Officials are planning to meet the Alliance in the coming weeks.  News of an imminent meeting has come as a surprise to Mr. Christy Conville, Honorary Secretary for the Alliance which represents 33,00 Retired Nurses, Gardai. Army Officers, Teachers, Firefighters and others.

To read the Irish Examiner dated  26th March, 2013, click here

To read news of the imminent meeting, click here

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