Get Facts Right on Pensions.

Below is a copy of a letter published on 12 January in  in the Sunday Independent with a title “Get Facts Right On Pensions”.  Author is a retired school teacher who for 35 yrs paid 6.5% towards his small pension. This letter shows the support / advantage our Association (GSRMA) has since we affiliated to the “Alliance of Retired Public Servants“.

Madam –I have my belly full of James Fitzsimons. He is always on about “public sector pensions”. (Sunday Independent, January 5, 2014). He states “that public sector pensions are not funded at all”.

What sections of the public sector is he referring to.

I have worked 44 years and 35 of those years as a teacher; 6.5 per cent of my salary was deducted each year towards my small pension, which has been cut by €3,500 in three years.

The lower public services and teachers, nurses and gardai do not have large pensions. So who is he talking about all the time?

He talks about “transparency” which I agree with, therefore he needs to get his facts right.

Robert Gannon,

Walkinstown, Dublin 12

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